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brucesflickr posted a photo: George Divorce 2 Few things are more enjoyable than being a journalist and making fun of a poet
brent.hofacker posted a photo: Boozy Alcoholic American Moonshine Shots Boozy Alcoholic American Moonshine Shots Ready to Drink
The Evil Reverend Trask posted a photo: The Evenings Paramour/Detroit the wooden door is shut and locked
time has stopped on the kitchen clock
stars are in the morning sky,
our silly dreams have passed us by
i take your arm in my drunken hand
and wonder how our life still stands
the wind will blow around the trees
and night time brings us to your knees
let me see you bleed some more,
and be the evenings paramour
my darling
againandagain251 posted a photo: Empties Poor guy scratching a life collecting empties from the tourist trade in Cienfuegos tourist area.
novodetox posted a photo: alcohol medical detox (1) Potential Death can occur from the “Dangers of a Self-Medicated Detox”
The Evil Reverend Trask posted a photo: The Absent Wife/Detroit I've spent the day without you, dear
and this is what I've found:
Although you vex me slightly
I like when you're around

You boss me like I'm just a boy,
yet tantalize me too,
you make me think about the things
that only lovers do...

Like saying words and telling lies
and whispers in my ear
I should not have disobeyed you,
now please come home, my dear!

And when you do I'll say the words
I should have said before
I'll run my fingers through your hair
and not be such a bore

I swear to you I'll always see
Your sexy feet and hair
And when you say "Now come here, love"
I promise I'll be there

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